Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Side Project-DIY Nail Polish Rack

Found the inspiration for this idea on youtube (yes...I am an internet junkie).

the problem is I don't have enough nail polish to fill up that big of a rack but I have too much to keep under the bathroom sink.

I used the idea from the video but with my own measurements.

2 Foam Boards (2.00 each)
Exacto Knife (1.50)
Glue Gun (2.99)
Glue Sticks (2.00 for a pack)
Chalk or pencil or other erasable drawing object
Decorative Duct Tape-Optional
Total= $5.50-$10.00

I cut one of my foam boards hamburger style in half (about 15 inch)
Keep one half for the backboard
with the other half, cut two pieces for the sides at 3 inches each
Set the remaining of that board aside

with the second board, again cut it in half just like you did the first
then cut 6, 2.5 inch strips (see pic) for the top, bottom and 4 shelves
Optional: cut 1 inch strips for lips on the shelves and bottom (I didn't do this)

Glue the shelves on first using a glue gun, then glue on top and bottom, then glue on sides

Finish the look with duct tape like the video shows (optional).

Hang on the wall and TADA!

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