Thursday, March 15, 2012

No Sew Barbie's Bed (So proud of myself)


4 Pencils unsharpened
Cereal Box big enough for barbie
rectangle shaped White fabric (I used an old shirt and cut it)
duct tape

1. cut a headboard using cardboard, cover with duct tape
2. Place fabric on top of cereal box and duct tape 3 sides down
3. stuff the open side of the fabric so that it creates a matress look, then duct tape this last side down
4. cover your pencils with duct tape
5. duct tape the box all the way around, inserting the pencils as you go, repeat so there are 2 layers of tape
6. duct tape the head board on

Walla! Barbie's bed.  I'm going to make some pillows and a comforter too. LOVE this piece of furniture!

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