Friday, March 16, 2012

**Picture loaded** Barbie Closet, Bunk Bed, Couches, Bookshelf, etc


Please see my awesome pictures below. Yes, I did MAKE all of this with stuff laying around the house. Please don't make fun of the background of the pics (aka by bathroom)...that is the room with the best lighting.

Living Room Stuff:   I came up with the couches all by my big girl self! I really wanted Barbie to have a sectional to go around that photo box I bought from the thrift store. I really just pieced it all together and couldn't be prouder. The coffee table was an item bought from my local thrift store for 50 cents. It was an old jewelry box. I painted it white and walla! The Bookshelf was SO easy and make (see below) and it will be the perfect spot to add detail in my (I mean my daughters) Barbie house. You will also see in the pics a fire place.  This was also a thrift store item for $25 cents or so and I just painted it white. It used to be some sort of plaque I think? Wanna learn how to make all this stuff? Scroll to the very bottom :)

The Teenager's Room (aka skipper or stacey):  This room was very very easy and I love the results. I made a bunk bed (using the bottom of a shoe box), and a closet/wardrobe (complete with a purse rack). I got both the ideas from youtube videos (scroll to the very bottom if you want to learn).  I still need to make pillows and blankets (maybe old burp cloths?) for the bunk bed and I need to make hangers that are  big enough to go around the rod in the wardrobe.  I also made a lamp for this room.  Very in love so far.

How to Make:

  • Supplies: sponges (the quantity depends on the type of couch you want), cardboard, fabric, cotton balls (or stuffing) hot glue gun.  
  1. Glue the sponges together (I made mine so that the hard top of the sponges were glued to each other, that way the top and bottom of my couch were soft and cushioned). 
  2. cover with fabric, glue fabric in place. Make sure the fabric is nice and tight so the lines look clean. 
  3. Cut out the back of your couch using card board
  4. Cover loosely with fabric and glue 3 sides in place, leave one side open to insert cotton balls/stuffing
  5. glue last side in place
  6. glue the back onto the bottom
  • Supplies: shoe box lid, cardboard (or foam board or Popsicle sticks), hot glue gun
  1. First think of the layout you want for your bookshelf. 
  2. cut pieces from the cardboard (or equivalent) for the shelves
  3. glue in place
  4. spray paint if needed (mine is spray painted)
  5. **note that the bookshelf is light weight and can easily tip over. mine stays up just fine when its against a wall
I still need to add a mirror to mine. Also, my box wasn't as large as hers.

I used duct tape instead of scrap paper. I also glued my "mattresses" to the bed. I cut out a window for fun.  I used dowels bought at walmart for the ladder (covered in duct tape).  I didn't put my bed on water bottle lids.

  • Supplies: toothpick, bottle cap, sauce cups from mcdonalds, beads
  1. glue a bead to the bottle cap
  2. insert toothpick in the bead (I put glue on my bed, then inserted the toothpick for extra support)
  3. bead toothpick almost to the top
  4. poke a hole in sauce cup, place on the toothpick
  5. glue 1-2 more beads on top so that no toothpick sticks out

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