Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Barbie House Supplies

Went to Walmart today to grab milk and walked out with all this stuff in addition:

here is a break-it-down left to right

  • little white cups (the sauce cups from McDonalds) will be lamp shades--FREE
  • Super Glue just in case--97 Cents
  • pencils will be bed posts-97 Cents for the pack
  • sponges will be cut so that the green part will make up grass for the yard and the yellow part will make up the bottom of my section style couch-each package with two sponges was 97 Cents
  • Duct Tape to cover furniture, cover the bedposts, misc work (pink zebra, black zebra, black, turquiose and tan)-$3.47 each<<not sure if that was a good price or not but they will last a while hopefully
  • Photo Box. Top will be made into a bookshelf, bottom will be made into a bunk bed-$3.00
  • Glue Gun-$2.99 (lifetime investment! lost my old one)
  • Glue sticks-$2.00
  • Dowels-used for bunk bed ladder, trimming/molding, chairs, misc work-$$1.00
  • Exacto Knife- (Again a lifetime investment! can't believe I didn't own one)
  • Spray Paint-for furniture-$1.97 each
  • Bag of Foam Paint Brushes- Some brushes will be used for paint jobs, others I will pull apart the paint brush and use the foam for stuffing/shaping and the stick for...I don't know yet $1.50
  • Beads-used for door handles, knobs, chandelier, lamp, misc work-$12.00 (Investment for future projects as well)
Total Price for Today: $49.13
Total Price so far: $54.13

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