Friday, November 9, 2012

DIY Kitchen: The Base

In my last post, I commented that grandma was going to give me a free entertainment center, but I'm very impatient and simply couldn't wait for that (she lives sort of far away from me).  So on (its very similar to but its local to Utah and Idaho) I found an entertainment center that was PERFECT for $30 and the man was nice enough to deliver it!  I am in the process of painting it currently (see pics below of my progress).
Cost breakdown: $30 for entertainment center, $40 for paint, painting supplies, and hardware like new handles and hinges.  so that is $70 for the base of the kitchen.  I'm hoping to do the kitchen in $100 or less and then all the accessories including food, accessories, etc for under $50.  I'm on track so far!

The entertainment center:
so on the right is a glass door covering some shelves, this will be the fridge. On the left is a tiny door that is currently used to hold CDs, I will be turning this into a broom closet/apron hanger area.  The cupboards on the bottom will be an oven and dishwasher.

You can see the broom closet easier here, and the side of the entertainment center which has shelves that will be turned into a pantry! woot.

The lighting is terrible here, but that is the glass door.  I painted it metalic silver and in better lighting it looks AWESOME! I will need to find contact paper or a clear coat to go over the top I think to avoid chipped paint.

I am painting the entertainment center black, with silver appliances, and pink trimming here and there (Addi saw pink paint at the store and even I couldn't resist the girly touch).

The whole base.  

Broom closet/Pantry angle

Stove/Oven and Dishwasher (oh an a vase I painted silver)

silver fridge-no the handle is not gold, its also silver, it just reflected off my flash

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